Fitness » You don’t have to get fat while on vacation

You don't have to get fat while on vacation

Summer is in full swing and lots of our clients are going on vacation before school starts. Although vacations are a much needed rest, vacations can also wreck havoc on our conditioning. One of the most damaging vacation for most people is the summer cruise aboard the good ship Fat Ass. It has been reported that the average cruise goer will put on anywhere between 10-12 pounds! I often ask myself why does this happen, I mean 10-12 pounds in an average of 4 days at sea? Well my friends the stats are true and sadly enough many of you that go on vacation this summer will put on some weight.

It seems that some people feel that a vacation is not only a break from work but also a vacation from eating right. The good news is that you can go on vacation, eat right, and not gain weight and in some cases you may drop a pound or two. But excuses are a plenty and I have heard them all from my favorite “when I go on vacation I like to go to nice restaurants and eat good food” hmmm so when you eat healthy your eating bad food?

Or, ” Hey I’m on vacation I don’t want to worry about dieting I want to have a good time” so I guess eating right is not fun? The bottom line, these are just excuses to justify your lapse of discipline and commitment to your fitness goals. Fat never goes on vacation it’s around your waist or your ass during good times or bad times. Spring, summer, winter, or fall. When you’re depressed or when you’re happy. On your birthday or you’re anniversary. So what is one to do?

Here are a few tips on how you can eat right, have fun, and not blow your fitness goals while on vacation.

1. Always eat breakfast: Most people will sleep in on vacation or wake up earlier than normal and will skip breakfast. Stay away from the free continental breakfast this usually means doughnuts,pastries, fruit juices, cereal and bread. Most hotels have restaurants go there instead and spend a little money you cheap skate aren’t you on vacation? Order up a nice omelet with veggies or protein or both! Instead of juice drink water or coffee. If you’re on a cruise it’s even easier they have all kinds of restaurants that can whip up some killer omelets. My personal favorite the steak and onions omelet oh yeah.. If you’re el cheapo and you cook in you’re room there are no excuses for eating bad.

2. Pack snacks: You can pack healthy snacks that don’t need refrigeration like nuts, seeds, and veggies.

3. Lunch and dinners are easy make sure you have you’re protein with a salad or veggies or both. Stay away from Burgers with bread, pizza, and the chocoholic buffet. On cruise ships you can practically eat 24 hours a day they have plenty a varieties of foods it’s up to you to make the right choice.

4. Exercise: Yes you read right exercise! If you’re in Disney you’ll walk you’re ass off, if you’re on a ship they have a gym. Most hotel’s have gyms and if they don’t we teach a variety of body weight only exercises that travel well. Don’t use you’re vacation time to sit around another way to exercise is to participate in fun activities that keep you moving. Swim, surf, boogie board, hike, ride bikes etc. Too many people go on vacation and just veg out. Don’t get me wrong it’s good to take a break from the gym but don’t go into a virtual coma make you’re rest an active rest.

5. When all else fails: Next time you’re on vacation and you’re temped to blow you’re diet ask you’re self the following questions; A. Is cheating on my healthy diet worth it? B. If I’m going to cheat is the food or meal that I’m going to have not normally available to me? This is an important question most of the time people cheat with foods that are readily available like pizza, ice cream, etc. If you’re going to cheat at least eat something that’s not readily available.

My buddy Ralph( yes coach Ralphie from GG) likes to go to Eleuthera a beautiful island in The Bahamas. On Eleuthera there’s a lady which makes a pineapple tart that is to die for and it’s not available in Miami. So, if my buddy decides to get on the carb up train and have some (although I don’t condone it) I can understand.

In closing, at the end of the day it’s up to you. Remember, always feed you’re expectations, and the gym or diet will never fail you you will always fail them. Nuff said…….

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Fitness » You don’t have to get fat while on vacation