High Performance Fitness in 20 minutes.

For years we have come to believe that in order to achieve our fitness goals one must toil in the gym for hours on end. This particular belief was promulgated by the body building community and adapted by all. With the high degree of injury and over training that is common in most training environments we have discovered that you can achieve a high level of fitness in less than thirty minutes.

At Garage Gym we believe strongly in this particular training paradigm and the results that our clients experience are amazing. The secret of our success follows a simple formula.

  1. Keep workouts brief but intense 20 to 30 minutes max.
  2. No repeats: Every day we write up a new workout. Gone are the days of Monday is chest Tuesday is back etc. Every day is a different combination of exercise.
  3. Limit rest periods between exercises to 10-15 seconds keeping your heart rate up in the fat incinerating zone.
  4. Keep it simple and basic the “high percentage” approach. We believe in achieving maximum results through a varied and non exclusive method. Your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning is challenged in every workout.
  5. All training sessions are supervised by a Garage Gym coach. All our clients receive the benefits of personal coaching in a group training format.

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