Our membership options are very simple and straight forward. For the longest time we debated wheter we should publish our membership rates on our web page or not. The reason for that was (or so we thought) to discourage price shoppers whom are more interested in cost than actual value.

Price shoppers will always be price shoppers regardless of the value of your services and the high rate of success that Garage Gym offers. Many have come and taken the 3 free days of training and although experienced the best or nastiest (depending on how they see it) workout of their life have not joined because of the cost. On a few occasion we have converted price shoppers to Garage Gym members because although price was an issue they saw the true value of the work we do here.

By the most part the majority of our members see the value and have joined regardless of cost. In conclusion, listed below are our current membership rates they are not secret there are no hidden agendas.

  • Month to Month EFT (no contract required) $100.00 unlimited training.
  • 12 Month Commitment: $75.00 per month unlimited training.
  • 3 Month trial membership (paid in full): $225.00 unlimited training.
  • Personal Training (30 minute session): $25.00
  • Day Rate (non member): $15.00


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